1. You can get 3% off by earning Loot points. And use it here to get coupons.

Example: You order a 100USD statue. You'll get 300 Loot points, which can use to get a 3USD coupon for his future order.

NO limit use of points in an order

2. Making Unboxing video to win a 10% coupon.

If you purchase a statue over 300USD in GKLoot, and make an unboxing video for us. We can give 10% off coupon for your next statue! But we only need one for each statue, and will choose the better one. The video will be used in our site or social media (FB, twitter, ins, TikTok, etc.), we'll inform you again before we give you the coupon code to make sure you accept it!

3. Earn coupon for statues that we don't have!

If you found any statue you want, and we don't have, please let us know! If this statue is still in PO statues, we can give you 10USD coupon specially for this statue!

4. Points refund for statues that are already out of stock!

If you ordered one statue in our store that listed as PO, but we can't get it if you order it. We'll fully refund your order and give you 500 extra points for any inconvenience we made! Really sorry for the issue!