1. Which shipping method are we using?

GK Loot has cooperation with many international shipping companies. The local carriers include UPS, USPS and FedEx.

2. Where can I track my order?

We've added the easy-tracking plugin at the footer menu, also you can track them via this link: https://t.17track.net/

3. How would I know when it's time to pay the balance?

When the statues are in stock, we will email you for a notification. 

4. I didn't get the email notification, what should I do?

Make sure the email address is correct recorded on our website. 
Check your junk mail.

You can add gklootofficial@gmail.com to your email contacts to make sure your mailbox won't treat it as junk mail.

Also, it's better to check your PreOrder item statue regularly to see the progress. We also update new images of upcoming items.

You can also contact us about the problem you meet, and we will help you solve it.

5. Can I get my deposit back if I don't want the item later?

If you only paid the deposit, you can contact us to get the deposit back within 7 days after you place an order. But after 7 days, the deposit will be unrefundable. But if it's an in stock item, we need to charge 20% of the price as a cancellation fee.

6. Shipping address

We will send the item to the PayPal confirmed address in your balance payment.

7.  Should I pay in full before the item in stock?

We will ship the items by final payment sequence when the item came in different batches.
For example, if the total full payment per order is 20 sets, the deposit pre-order is 40 sets and the first batch item is 30 sets in total. We will ship the 20 full payment orders directly and ask 15 deposit pre-order buyers to pay the balance and pick the first 10 guys to ship the item by balance payment sequence (since not all buyers will pay the balance)

8.  Can I get an out-of-stock statue?

Feel free to contact us if you want one of those! But all the statues are limited in number, so the price in the local market might be higher than before (may also be lower).

9.  Can I use the installment plan?

Sure! Check out the Lay-Buy option! Please remember that we'll ship the statues out after you finish the payment!

10.  Why is the shipping fee that unexpectable?

Normally we don't know the shipping fee is more expensive than we thought due to the dimension and weight. Feel free to contact us if you have this kind of problem, and we'll definitely help you with it!

11. What if I received a damaged piece?

Don't worry and please contact us asap. We'll be extremely careful with the packages, and want to provide the most safe shipping method for you guys. Unfortunately, when the packages are on the way transiting, we can't make sure that we can avoid all the damages. We'll contact with the manufacture for a replacement piece asap and do our best to help you solve the problem:D